Hainanese Chicken Rice/Poached Chicken with Rice- Com Ga kieu luoc

Vietnamese food

When we pay good money or work hard to have free range, young chickens.  This dish is a simplest way to cook and reserve the good taste of these chickens.  It will take about 2 hours to poach the chicken but it is worth to try.
Make 4 to 6 servings:
1 young good quality free range chicken about 3-4 lb , fresh or thawed if frozen
1 large pot can hold the chicken, if not cut the chicken in quarters
Kosher salt, 1 tsp for each quart of water used (4 cups)
1 medium onion, quartered
4 garlic cloves, smashed
3-4 green onion, smashed
1 oz fresh ginger, smashed (a large chunk slightly larger than your thumbs will be good)
2 cups rice, washed and rinse
1 large cucumber, peeled and thinly sliced
2 Tbs vegetable oil or chicken fat
1 tsp garlic, finely minced
1 shallot, finely minced
1 few slices of ginger, julienned
1 green onion, julienned
2 Tbs soy sauce
1 Tbs vegetable oil or sesame oil
1 small red Thai chili, thinly sliced

1.  Poach the chicken:  Put chicken into a large pot (6-8 quarts), cover with water, add ginger, salt, onion, garlic, green onion.  Bring it to a rolling boil.  Then lower the heat down over medium low heat, cover and simmer about 15 minutes.  Move it to the side untouched 45 minutes.  Check the chicken internal temperature should read to 165 oF at the thickest part of the thigh.  Remove the chicken from the broth and soak it in a cold water bowl 15 minutes.  Season the broth if needed with salt.  Chop the chicken into large pieces.  Keep the skin and bone intact or remove them as your choice but the chicken is supposed to be served with the skin and bone in.  Cover and set aside.
2.  White the chicken cooking, prepare  cucumber, onion, ginger.  Mix soy sauce and 1 Tbs vegetable/sesame oil together
3.  When the chicken cooling in cold water.  Heat oil in a medium skillet, add shallot and garlic.  Stir until fragrant.  Add rice stir continuously until rice is getting slightly golden and opaque white.  Add 2 cups of chicken broth.  Broth should be cover rice and above rice surface about 1/8 inch for drier rice or a little more for wetter rice.  Stir one time and bring back to a boil, cover.  Simmer over medium low heat until rice is really tender, soft and cooked through.  If you have a rice cooker, just put rice after stir fry with shallot and garlic into the pot with broth and cook like regular rice.
4.  Arrange rice, chicken and cucumber in individuality plate or in a large platter.  Spoon soy sauce and oil on the chicken pieces. Garnish with julienned ginger and green onion.  A small bowl of chicken broth garnished with a few slice of green onion and ground black pepper is served on the side with spicy dipping sauce (optional) or just soy sauce with red chili.
Please come back.  Will post spice dipping sauce tomorrow.

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